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Our Brand New, Unique, and Easy to Use R&M Iron-On Sticker Shoe Heat Transfers for DIY Use to Create Your Own Custom Shoes!

- Perfect Sizes for Shoes, and other items such as Socks, T-Shirts, Hoodies, etc.

- Waterproof and Flexible, once Ironed-on, they have Strong and Durable hold on the surface applied on. Can Resist Washing and Scratching.

- These are applied to a surface by heat application, i.e. using a mini iron. 


Size designed to fit all possible shoe sizes as shown in the example image.

Each pair will contain 2 image sets, enough for each shoe.


We recommend to use a Mini-Iron to apply the Heat Transfers. We sell a great quality Mini Iron in-store.

Make sure you preheat your iron for 5-10 minutes before you begin the application of the decals.


1. You can deglaze the shoe surface with acetone or Angelus Deglazer and Preparer.
2. Place the decal where you want it. But make sure the plastic backing is facing up, towards you. You will be applying the heat to the plastic. The decal should be looking the correct way, not mirrored. 
3. Set the iron to a High heat, wait for it to heat for 5-10 minutes. Start applying heat using a mini-iron for about 10-20 seconds per area. You need to make sure you apply the heat to the side with the plastic. This will release the decal slowly from under the plastic cover onto the surface you're applying it to. Let the plastic cool a bit and then proceed to removing it, the decal will stay down on the surface of the shoes.
4. Press down with your fingers to settle it in properly, you can also apply heat from a heat gun or hair dryer after to melt it on further for a stronger hold.
5. As a last step, some choose to add a finisher such as the Angelus Matte Finisher to apply a thin layer of protection over the decals. This helps give more durability to the shoes. This does not lower the reflectiveness of the decals.

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